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  • Machine for mask prodution (Non woven fabric or 100% Polyester)

Machine for mask prodution (Non woven fabric or 100% Polyester)




- Solid structure of aluminum profiles.

- The entrance of the machine consists of a set of three winders of fabric  (100% polyester for washable or non woven fabric for surgery) that make up the mask. Prepared to accommodate bobbins up to a diameter of 250 mm for polyester and 500 mm for non woven fabric and, for both, a width of 220 mm.

- System to transport, guide and centralize the three layers of fabric that make up the mask to the block where the fold of these three layers effectively occurs, that is, the formation of the mask.

- Heating equipment to fix the material fold.

- System for cutting selvedge and transversal by ultrasound: 2 for cutting the selvedge with a power of 350 W (each) and 1 for the transversal section of 1500 W.

- The fixation of the elastic tapes also by means of an ultrasound group, in this case with a power of 1500 W.

- Inclusion of nasal clip.

- Press set to hold the material during cutting. With two stainless steel rollers, with the lifting and lowering by pneumatic pistons.

- Set for dragging masks already cut, also equipped with two stainless steel rollers and covered with rubber strip, with raising and lowering also by pneumatic pistons.

- Production of 1200 masks / hour
- Machine work dimensions : 5 x 2 m

- Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks
- Power output: 3700 W